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Swindon Croquet Club - 2024 season results coming soon...

Swindon Croquet Club - 2023 season results

AC Federation (North East Division)

Sunday 23rd April  v Kington Langley(h)           L 2-5

Sunday 21st May   v Cheltenham(a)                   L 2-5

Sunday 9th July  v Kington Langley (a)             L 2-5

Sunday 30th July  v Broadwas (a)                      TBA

GC Handicap League  (North Division)

Friday 28th April  v Nailsea (a)                            D 10-10

Monday 15th May v Cheltenham(a)                   L 5-15

Monday 12th June  v Moreton in Marsh(h)       W 11-9

Thursday 27th July  v Broadwas (a)                  L  8-12

Friday 11th August v Worcester Norton (h)      TBA

GC High Handicap League ( North Division) 

Friday 12th June  v Kington Langley(a)              W 13-7

Monday 22nd May  v Cheltenham (a)                 L  7.5- 13.5

Monday 26th June v  Broadwas (h)                     L 0-9

Friday 7th July  v Moreton in Marsh ‘B’ (h)          W 12-8

Tuesday 25th July v Moreton in Marsh ‘A’ (a)      L 8.5 – 11.5

GC LeveL Play League (5+) (North Division)

Friday 21st April v Bristol ‘A’ (h)                              D 10-10

Friday 2nd June  v Bath (h)                                    W 13-7

Friday23rd June  v Bristol ‘A’ (a)                             L 7-13

Friday 21st July v Camerton & P(h)                       D10-10

Friday 4th August v Bath (a)                                  TBA

Friday 18th August v Camerton & P (a)               TBA

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